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The most attractive transparent acrylic box

The most attractive transparent acrylic box

Many people choose transparent acrylic box as their cheap custom eyelash boxes when they start their eyelash business. Because we will provide customers with free design. Help customers design their own logo and create your own eyelash packaging.

1. Excellent transparency

Acrylic uses colorless transparent plexiglass plate, with a light transmittance of more than 92%. Custom eyelashes boxes not only has a good finish and feel, but also looks very fashionable and beautiful.  Show your eyelashes to the customer. Let customers enjoy your eyelashes at close range.

2. Strong and durable

Acrylic boxes are made of acrylic materials, which are durable and durable. Therefore, acrylic boxes are not easy to bend or tilt under load bearing condition. Custom eyelash packaging box are very adaptable to natural environment. Even long time exposure to sunlight and wind and rain will not change their properties, and their aging resistance is good. The logo printed on the box will not fall off easily.

3. High safety performance

Acrylic is harmless even in long-term contact with people. The gases produced during combustion do not produce toxic gases. It has strong tensile and impact resistance, so the custom eyelash boxes made of this kind of glass can bring enough security to consumers, and it is not easy to hurt people after being broken like ordinary glass.

4. Cost effective

Acrylic box is cost-effective. As a eyelash vendors and lash packaging vendor,we will not only provide free logo design. And we will also provide you with the best wholesale price. The low cost and high quality acrylic box will surely attract more customers for you to get a successful eyelash business.


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