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Latest eyelash cleaning technology – mini-washing machine

Latest eyelash cleaning technology – mini-washing machine

High quality eyelashes from good lash vendors can be reused 15-20 times. But through the correct cleaning methods to ensure that eyelashes clean and beautiful again to be used. Because used eyelash can leave glue and dust. At present, the latest and most convenient way to clean 25mm lashes – mini-washing machine.

1. Product information

Mini-washing machine is made of safe ABS plastic material, without any pungent smell, absolutely safe. The edge of the machine is fine and smooth, not easy to hurt hands. And the machine can work with batteries, and has enough power to clean eyelashes. And equipped with dewatering and drainage functions, easy to use. The mini size is also easy to store.

2. Usage

Pour 2 / 3 of clean water into the washing machine and add your detergent.

Put the wholesale lashes to be washed into the washing machine, close the lid and press the button.

After cleaning for two minutes, put down the water pipe to drain water and dehydrate.

Remove the eyelashes and dry them with a clean cotton pad. Put them into the storage box.

3. Price of mini washing machine we sell

As eyelash vendors, In order to provide customers with the best service, thank customers for their trust in us. Our company will give the mini washing machine as a gift to our customers. As long as customers wholesale mink lashes, we will give away the mini-washing machine for free. If you want to place a large order, we will also give you the best wholesale price. Welcome to contact us!


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