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How to wear false eyelash correctly?

How to wear false eyelash correctly?

Step 1: put the false eyelashes on the eyes first, and try to see where the eyelashes should be pasted. Then determine the position of the lashes.You can ask the eyelash vendors to recommend the right eyelash for you

Step 2: apply the eyelash glue to the root of the false eyelash. High quality glue from mink lash vendors only needs a little use.Because too much use of eyelash glue will affect the effect of wearing lashes. Wait about 10 seconds after applying the glue.Eyelash Glue

Step 3:Attach the false eyelashes gently along the top of the original eyelashes root, press the false eyelashes gently to the eyelashes root with the index finger, and combine the true and false eyelashes together. Of course, this step can also be done with the help of tools. After wearing the false eyelashes, press with your hand for about 10 seconds to fully combine the real eyelashes with the false eyelashes.

Step 4:Check again that the entire false eyelash is fully attached to the eye. If the eyelashes of the corner of the eye fall off, it means that the glue is not enough or the 25 mm eyelash paste is not firm. At this point, you can use toothpick, dip a little glue in the corner of the eye, and then carefully press the eyelash. When the glue dries, the 25mm eyelashes will be completely glued.

Step 5: you can use black eyeliner or eyeliner to fill the gap between the root of the false eyelash and the original eyelash. This can show a very natural effect.

mink lashes eyelash eye lashes 3d mink

Step 6: after fixing the false eyelashes, use the eyelash clipper again to slightly curl the eyelashes, so that the real and false eyelashes can be fused into an indistinguishable effect.The eyelashes provided by  good lash vendors will still curl up after repeated use.

16mm mink lashes eyelash vendors
16mm mink lashes eyelash vendors

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