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How to determine your brand name and logo

How to determine your brand name and logo

There’s a question about how to start eyelash business– how to build your own brand, It is very important to have their own brand and logo. Because having your own brand name and logo can not only attract customers, but also let the customers who have already bought it to help you promote your products, so as to gradually expand your eyelash business and help make more money.

1. Brand name, logo and label

If you want to build your own brand, you can custom eyelash packaging, or you can put your own label on your eyelashes. Brand name and logo can attract customers, and eyelash label will further deepen customers’ impression of the product. Make your eyelashes look more advanced.

We have some problems in determining our brand name. You can use your own or favorite nicknames and names. They are easier to say and let consumers remember your brand name. But it is not recommended to choose a long brand name, because a long brand name will create a complex visual feeling for consumers, such as Coca Cola and apple, which use short brand names, so that consumers can remember its brand name.

2. How to choose a box

For the confirmation of buying box from eyelash vendors , you can choose the most  popular style. Because it’s very attractive to consumers. At present, the popular style is rich box, telephone box, tape drawer box, laser grid box. These are based on lash vendors company’s sales data. Because in the market of eyelash sales, many customers who buy eyelash aesthetic is the latest design. They often see these boxes and choose to buy eyelashes. You can also add your own brand name while customizing these boxes.

Tape box
phone boxes
Laser box
money boxes

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