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How to choose your eyelash package

How to choose your custom eyelash boxes

Custom eyelash packaging box is a very important part of your eyelash business. Because it is the most direct display to consumers. Many consumers are attracted by the custom lash packaging  first, and then by the eyelash in the box. So the custom eyelash boxes is very important. Here are different styles of boxes to meet your needs:

1. Transparent acrylic box

This kind of box is transparent as a whole. Consumers can see the complete eyelash appearance from the outside of the box. It’s the best box to show your 25mm lashes. Consumers are often attracted by eyelashes in the box, and their desire to buy will be stronger. You can also design your own logo and brand name on the box.

2. Box with window

This kind of box with window will show consumers part of eyelash on the front of the box. It’s more mysterious. Such display effects often arouse the curiosity of customers. They tend to want to know more about the lashes in the box. This is also a good choice for you to choose eyelash packaging.

3. The most popular style

Popular styles tend to catch customers’ eyes quickly. So you can also choose the most popular box in the market and add your brand name to create your own eyelash packaging . Now the popular styles on the market are laser mesh box, telephone drawer box and falling liquid box. These styles are very popular. They are very popular with consumers.

Laser box


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