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How to choose the right box for your logo?

How to choose the right box for your logo?

When you want to create your own eyelash packaging, you can build your own brand by custom eyelash boxes. Only when you choose the box that suits your logo can you fully show the charm of your logo. Let it attract a lot of customers for you, help you make more money and get a successful eyelash business.

1. Avoid designing black logo or brand name on the black box.

The black box will give people a high-level and mysterious feeling, so many people will choose to wholesale eyelash packaging. However, there are often some unsatisfied situations – the black logo or brand name printed on the black box will be very fuzzy, unable to display the logo perfectly. So don’t choose to print a black logo on a black box. If you like black box very much, you can add white edge to your logo. This will highlight your logo.

2 Solid color can be completely covered with logos.

Solid color box is very suitable for you to play a rich creative ideas. Because they don’t limit your design ideas. You can choose to use the whole design to cover the box, or you can use your imagination to design the box at will. This tends to be more distinctive.You can ask the lash packaging vendor to give you some advice

3. Light color box is more suitable for bright logo

when you custom eyelash packaging box,If your logo is bright, you can choose a lighter color box. Because it will be very beautiful. A light color box will set off your logo. Make it more visible. This is very important in color matching. It is an aesthetic standard suitable for people.



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