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Cruetly Free Mink Lashes Factory How to Paste The Most Natural

Cruetly Free Mink Lashes Factory how to paste the most natural

Concentrated, long, not greedy, there is a sense of gap. Remember to choose the conditions with their own great difference false eyelashes section, than the original eyelashes, “thick, long, dense,” a little more like trying to compare their own eyelashes, the closer the more realistic. Soft stems naturally comfortable eyelashes. Slender and soft , paste when pleasing to the eye type range, head, eye tail is not easy to Alice up.
Do not choose too thick stems, too hard, blink plastic light. Terrible thick stems must be drawn thick eyeliner hidden, accidentally become a big strong makeup. Too thick black Cruetly Free Mink Lashes Factory in the light will be reflective, revealing a sense of plastic. Hair too thick, too Alice, exposing the illusion. Daily wearing false eyelashes, after wearing “curl degree, length” will exceed the orbital

False eyelashes how to paste the most natural
Check the length of false eyelashes. Clamp up the false eyelashes with tweezers and compare with the real eyelashes to see if the length is right. Check the false eyelashes in the middle to align their true eyelashes in the middle.
When coated from the middle to the beginning of the two sides of the coating, so part of eye and eye end there will be more glue, because these two parts easier to fall off. Better grasp of the coating method is to squeeze a little glue, painted a short, squeeze a little glue, painted a short, so until all painted, the direction or just said from the middle to both sides.
Recommend the whole false eyelashes, the effect is outstanding, and a cluster of Cruetly Free Mink Lashes Factory with the best use of the entire pair of eyelashes, so that the eyes more structured. Root black type, which allows more sense of presence of both eyes; transparent roots, so even if lazy not draw eyeliner, it will not feel unexpected. However, the entire root false eyelashes easy to use, and the most closely linked, be sure to be soft, in addition to quality brand name, want to get “MUJI” The only way is to try different products to find only really wear, To feel the effect.
STEP 1: Clipped eyelashes to avoid false eyelashes stratification
After the eye shadow and eyeliner are completed, curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler to avoid leaving the eyelashes and the eyelashes in two layers after wearing the false eyelashes.
STEP 2: Thin mascara to shape eyelashes
Use curling mascara brush eyelashes from the roots of eyelashes, thin brush to a layer, the purpose is to keep their eyelashes curl arc.
STEP 3: Find the best length for clipping false eyelashes

Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers on the top of your eyelashes, remember to set aside about 3mm eye head position, and cut off too long part of the eye tail.
TIPS: false eyelashes how much to trim it?
If your look and choice of Cruetly Free Mink Lashes Factory are naturally light, then the false eyelashes at the end of eye length should not exceed their eyes; if it is slightly thick makeup, you can slightly longer than their own eyes, but do not exceed the length of the liner.
STEP 4: Soft stem more fit eye shape
Pinch the ends of the eyelashes, curved back and forth fan-shaped arc, so that false eyelash stems more soft, and eye-shaped better fit.
STEP 5: Apply glue and wait till half dry
Apply a layer of glue along the phalanges of the false eyelashes and apply more on the ends of the eyelashes because the eyes and the end of the eye are very easy to tilt and wait for a dozen seconds until the glue is translucent The stickiness is the best.
STEP 6: Paste false eyelashes first fixed in the middle
Gently tweezers holding false eyelashes sandwiched between the eyelashes above the first fixed in the middle of the first eyelids, and then take a look at the mirror is not sure to stick here, and then fixed, and finally help adjust the head and tail .
How to remove Cruetly Free Mink Lashes Factory?
Gairs wearing false eyelashes tear off false eyelashes, but the next move, how to do it? Use a cotton swab to take cleansing oil, rub the roots of false eyelashes, gently apply a few false eyelashes will automatically fall off, do not directly to the provincial moment Kung Fu , a long time the eyelids will relax it.

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